Portland Events

There’s no getting around the fact that Portland events are a key component in the city’s charming and distinctive personality. Whether you plan your trip around a specific event or simply drop in on a festival you discover while you’re in town, the experience is sure to round out your stay with delight.

Fortunately for residents and visitors alike, the Portland event calendar is never empty. There’s always something fascinating going on and, during peak seasons such as August, it’s not uncommon for festival-goers to have to pick and choose because there is more happening than they can possibly attend.

Portland festivals celebrate every aspect of the city and its people, from food and wine to arts and culture to the heritage, values and interests of the individual groups who make Portland what it is.

Don’t feel like you have to belong to the group hosting a festival to attend, though! Portland residents and festivals welcome every open-minded reveler willing to raise a glass to a cause, so pick an event, grab your tickets and jump right in!


Theater Events

The only challenge for visitors hoping to enjoy live theater in Portland lies in choosing between the many wonderful possibilities on offer at any given time. Highly rated theaters can offer a full schedule of plays, concerts, interactive shows, lecture series, classes and more. Classics, new hits, Broadway standbys, culturally rich niche shows, children’s plays and everything in between run perpetually on Portland’s stages.

Portland theater events only add to the colorful landscape of the city. Many theaters offer patrons a behind-the-scenes look at the magic of acting and bring theater lovers together to celebrate their shared passions. Staged throughout the year, events and shows in Portland are readily accessible and often inexpensive.

From provocative adult shows to family favorites and beloved holiday traditions like Portland’s Singing Christmas Tree, the city’s theater culture is not to be missed.

Cultural Events

Residents are proud of Portland culture and of the many diverse populations that make the city what it is. Many of the smaller cultural events , like Obon Fest or smaller Pride events, celebrate these populations individually and enhance cross-cultural understanding.

However, a few mainstays in the Portland cultural event scene carry on the tradition of celebrating the common ground of living in and loving the city, regardless of one’s origins, background, religion or heritage.  Chief among these beloved and unifying events is the Portland Rose Festival.

The term “festival” hardly does this celebration justice. Spanning much of the summer, the Portland Rose Festival incorporates a diverse range of events including races, contests, a rose show and more. While highlights such as the main Portland Rose Festival parade garner the most attention from the media, festival activities liven up nearly every summer weekend and keep residents and visitors alike engaged and entertained.

Food and Drink Events

It is not an exaggeration to say that there is a Portland food and drink event of some flavor every month from January to December. In fact, most months offer several events, often interconnected and overlapping, and provide residents and visitors with an endless buffet of options.

Many people’s thoughts naturally go first to large, alcohol-themed events like the Oregon Brewers Festival. While these events do play a role, they are only one part of Portland’s rich culinary landscape. Other events, such as VegFest and Feast Portland, celebrate local foods, healthy eating and the diverse cultural factors that surround food in modern life.

Some events, such as the Portland Night Market, are just as much as expressions of culture and community as they are celebrations of Portland’s culinary culture and the brilliant creatives who produce it.

Music Festivals

While Portland music festivals run year-round, summer is indisputably the best time of year to catch them. From the Waterfront Blues Fest to the Pickathon Festival, there’s a higher concentration of Portland music events during the months of July and August than any other time of year.

Music lovers of every taste can find concerts to love in Portland, including:

  • Chamber music.
  • “Quiet” music.
  • Blues.
  • Jazz.
  • Country.
  • Soul.

Art Events

Art is big deal in Portland, so it’s only natural that the city has its share of top-notch art festivals. Some, like Art in the Pearl, are community-based events with an emphasis on showcasing and celebrating local art.

Others, like the TBA Festival (short for Time Based Art), look to subvert expectations and standards by creating unique connections and experiences for artists and their audiences in a variety of mediums. For more than a week each September, the TBA Festival presents global artists, one-of-a-kind shows and other unique art experiences for audiences of all ages.

Private museums and galleries regularly hold their own shows, as well. Combination art-and-culture events, Portland film festivals and other non-traditional art events complete the city’s annual arts events schedule, promising a draw for visitors of every age and interest.


Portland Pride

Portland is well known for its liberal population and willingness to embrace all the cultures and subcultures its people represent. This openness may show itself best in the LGBT Portland community. Instead of being focused in a single section of the city, the LBGTQ+ community thrives everywhere.

Nationally famous drag shows such as Darcelle XV’s have been running in Portland for decades and the Portland Pride Parade draws huge crowds every year. Gay bars and clubs run fantastic dance parties, shows and events every night of the week and regularly host large events.

Every June, however, the Portland Pride community goes all out with a two-day event at Waterfront Park. Food, music and entertainment overflow as the LGBTQ+ community celebrates its past, present and future and local groups such as the Portland Gay Men’s Chorus show off their talents.


Visitors hoping to explore Pride-themed events during their stays should check out the extensive list of opportunities available to them ahead of time, as they’ll want lots of time to choose from the appealing array of options!