There’s no getting around the fact that Portland events are a key component in the city’s charming and distinctive personality. Whether you plan your trip around a specific event or simply drop in on a festival you discover while you’re in town, the experience is sure to round out your stay with delight.


Fortunately for residents and visitors alike, the Portland event calendar is never empty. There’s always something fascinating going on and, during peak seasons such as August, it’s not uncommon for festival-goers to have to pick and choose because there is more happening than they can possibly attend.

Portland festivals celebrate every aspect of the city and its people, from food and wine to arts and culture to the heritage, values and interests of the individual groups who make Portland what it is.

Don’t feel like you have to belong to the group hosting a festival to attend, though! Portland residents and festivals welcome every open-minded reveler willing to raise a glass to a cause, so pick an event, grab your tickets and jump right in!