From Affordable to Luxury: Best of Portland Spas

Portland is a unique city that rewards adventurous individuals. There are large and small spas scattered throughout the city, each one with its unique set of services to offer clients. Residents and visitors looking for more original spas can find them around central Portland and on both sides of the Willamette River.

Most Portland spas will have the rudimentary spa services, such as facials, massages and hair removal. You can go to the Tiny Massage cart for affordable services if you want to save money but relax for a day. However, Portland also has day spas that offer top-dollar luxury. If you are looking for a spa package that includes full-body massages with chocolates and champagne, then the Zama massage is a great place to go to.

There are spas with services at price ranges that fall in between cheap and bougie. If you want to find out the best spas in Portland, continue reading the sections below.

1.      Tiny Massage Cart

This small spa venue is one of the most inexpensive spas on the list. The Tiny Massage Cart is custom built with two rooms for treatment, which are divided by a curtain. There are a variety of licensed massage therapists who will offer their unique massage techniques to the table.

The spa offers a variety of massages like couple’s massages, cupping and prenatal massages. It offers traditional massages that allow you to disrobe to where you are comfortable. You also have the option to have your massage while clothed.

Every massage has a flat rate of $45 per 30 minutes, no matter which therapist you choose. Furthermore, each therapist will have his or her own hours, so make sure to check the massage therapist’s hours if you have a personal favorite.

Every therapist also specializes in his or her own techniques such as trigger point massage. If you want to see their specializations, their biographies will provide more information.

Because the massage space is located near the city, the noise can be particularly loud at times. This is an important detail to note if you want to have a completely silent experience.

2.      The DragonTree

This is a wellness company that provides spa services with their branded products. They offer beauty services like waxing and facials as well as massages. Aside from their spa services, they have their own wellness products like herbal tinctures, lotions, massage oils and much more.

The DragonTree provides a wide range of waxing services from head to toe, so this is can be a good facility for hair removal. Their hair removal services range from $14 to $100. The prices for their facials range from $118 to $193.

Their massages can range from full body to isolated body part massages. Massages range from $105 to $304. There are wellness services with isolate massages on the hands, neck, scalp and shoulders. These wellness services range $30 to $57.

The DragonTree spa also has courses for wellness exercises, meditations and other courses on holistic practices. Some of the courses they have are acupoint tapping, nutrition course, and dream planning. There are also coaching sessions offered on their website, which focus on mental wellness.

3.      River’s Edge Hotel Spa

As one of the best hotels to stay at in Portland, the River’s Edge Hotel has a spa that provides the typical beauty and massage services offered at most places. When you decide to book a spa appointment with them, you can get access to the whirlpool tub, the steam room and the dry sauna. They also offer drinks at their lounge with flavored water and herbal teas.

The spa facilities are for adults older than 18 years of age, but teenagers 16 years of age and older can be allowed to join with adult supervision.

There are many services included in its spa menu like manicures, pedicures, massages and body treatments as well as couples’ packages. It also offers hair removal services and makeup application. If you would like to add on more features to your spa services, the River’s Edge Hotel Spa has enhancements that can be added separately.

Massages range from $115 for 30 minutes to $185 for a 90-minute-deep tissue massage. Facials are between $75 to $165. The most expensive services are part of the couples’ packages, ranging from $230 to $320. The prices can continue to change depending on the extra features you want to add to your services.

4.      Rejuvenation Day Spa

Unlike the other previously mentioned spas, this day spa provides a wider range of services such as spray tanning, clinical facials and has an in-house hair salon. It has aromatherapy massages and hot stone massage therapy. It also has foot scrubs and body scrubs for patrons looking to exfoliate their skin. Rejuvenation Day Spa has an array of clinical facials that target the lymphatic system, rosacea, aging and acne.

Its facials, including clinical facials, range from $25 to $150. The spa also has several types of packages, which range from $110 to $455. It provides massages that vary in price depending on the length of time you want the specific massage to be.

Included within its massage category is reiki, which is a holistic practice that transfers energy to heal emotional and physical issues. The prices for 30-minute massages start from $65 to $145 for a 90-minute massage.

5.      Zama Massage

Not only does this establishment offer massages, but it is a full-blown therapeutic spa center. This therapeutic center has quite original massage services as well as other spa services. Zama Massage also offers beauty services like facials and can provide massages in a Himalayan salt cave. It also provides massage packages specifically for men with full-body massages and a facial included.

The prices for the massages range from $134 to $298 as well as massage add-ons. For beauty services, their prices range from $40 to $225. The more expensive beauty services, the HydraFacial for instance, require specialization in the technology. They also have spa packages that include a variety of services starting from $210 with their CBD oil-infused massage to $575 for a couple’s massage.

The packages will usually include a combination of beauty and massages services accompanied by food and beverage. Prices for the same massage or beauty service can vary in price because of the length of the session. This spa center has special services at a wide range of prices, making it a great place with affordable and luxury spa treatments.